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In recent times, the music world has been pervaded by various talents who seek to make a mark, get their messages across to their fans and make people all over the world know them. Everyone has a reason for going into music, some are driven by the money, some others by fame while to very few, the passion to sing ekes out every other reason. DanZak may be justified to fall into the category of people who are into music for the passion of it. If we are to pick among many, raw talents, driven individuals who do not require any extra motivation and multi talented artists, DanZak tops the lot.

What started as a hobby for the undiscovered talent quickly grew into an international success story for the East Africa born, Omani national, DanZak. A singer, songwriter and airline pilot, DanZak has solely established himself as a true homegrown success story.

Considered an ‘upcoming’ artist in the Middle East, in 2009, friends posted YouTube videos of the young talent singing his own songs titled Wifey, My Girl and Omani Queen, which quickly became hits and racked up views with little or no marketing strategy other than the word of mouth.

This upcoming star began to shine without any formal marketing or promotion. Prior to 2009, DanZak released his first solo single named “Nafissa” in July 2006. The song was sung in Swahili and produced at G Records studios in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

In early 2009, DanZak left Oman for Australia to study Aviation where he gained his Commercial Pilot License. During his 18 months abroad, DanZak wrote, recorded and produced over 30 songs. Releasing them online, his loyal fan base grew at an incredible rate in Australia, East Africa and back home in the Middle East.

DanZak signed up to Akon’s Hitlab.com, a website where unsigned artists can upload their songs for analyzing against the Top 100 Billboard hits of the past 6 years. Akon’s Hitlab offered contestants the chance to showcase their own songs with the winner receiving the opportunity to be signed to Akon’s label. DanZak held the number 1 spot on Hitlab for an unprecedented 9 weeks!

A savvy businessman and entrepreneur, DanZak owns a music record label, production and entertainment company, Music MasterPiece (MMP) Entertainment. After many years away from music and focusing on his career as an airline pilot, DanZak and Music Masterpiece made a music comeback in December 2018 with his single “Fallin” that brings a unique genre and style of music that blends afrobeats and arabic flavors together that he calls “afrabian fusion”. The audio, produced by the award-winning producer, KrizBeatz from Nigeria and the video, directed by Justin Campos shot in Pretoria, South Africa, opened doors for DanZak into the mainstream media that shortly after saw DanZak following up with the releases of “Kichaa”, “LOCO” and “Go Down Low”. He has already worked with producers like Lizer and S2Kizzy as well as Director Kenny from Tanzania, producer BigH from USA and award-winning director Clarence Peters from Nigeria.

As a way of contributing to the development of the music industry in East Africa and the Middle East, DanZak aims to establish MMP as a record label which affords local talents the opportunity to be promoted, making them reach out to the world through their music and giving them the needed opportunity to further their career. In all, DanZak, a fun-loving person who does not discriminate and enjoys helping people, has a vision of bringing Middle East and Africa closer through music and build platforms that will showcase the brilliance and talents of its artists to the world.

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