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DanZak/DanZak – Nidokoe (Feat. Nandy)

DanZak – Nidokoe (Feat. Nandy)


1. DanZak - Nidokoe (Feat. Nandy)

About Album

MMP Entertainment Presents “Nidokoe” by DanZak ft. Nandy. This is the 4th project of 2019 from DanZak, the East Africa born-Omani singer/songwriter and airline pilot. Here he collaborates with the talented and multi-award winner, Nandy, an East African singer/songwriter and CEO of “The African Princess” record label. The music style is of arabic flavored melodies blended with Bongoflava (an East African style of music influenced from R&B, Bollywood and traditional Tanzanian styles such as taarab) that he calls ‘Afrabian fusion’. This song and video details two people in love at the apex of professing their feelings for one another at their wedding ceremony. Produced by Yogo Beats and shot by Director Kenny in Tanzania, its wedding theme will take you on a love-filled journey, inspiring happiness and gyrating excitement from the unique blend of all these styles. (C) 2019 Music MasterPiece Entertainment
Artist: Danzak
Label: MMP Entertainment
Release Date: 24-10-2019
Genre: World

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